Data Report
Three-dimensional sales analysis, profit statistics, let sellers farewell to manual statistics, efficient operation.
Real-time Synchronized Sales, Sales, Advertising Fees, FBA Inventory.
Real-time profit statistics: based on sales, advertising fees, purchase cost, return and exchange.
Calculating gross profit and gross interest rate by promotional fees, etc.
FBA Intelligent Replenishment
Real-time tracking, intelligent replenishment advice, improve inventory turnover, reduce inventory backlog
Setting up multi-dimensional replenishment coefficient, automatically calculating the outage date and recommended replenishment volume
Accurate and timely FBA in-transit, saleable and unsalable inventory data
Supporting multiple ways of headload charges apportionment
Refined Advertising Management
Multi-dimensional Advertising Report Forms and Timing Tasks, to Refine Advertising Management, Improve the Effect and Reduce the Cost
Timely, accurate and refined advertising Report
Timing switch, fully display advertising, avoid malicious and invalid clicks on advertising
Monitor the ranking of advertisement words, track the ranking of advertisement words regularly and ensure the effect of advertisement display.
Automatic price adjustment, according to AcoS, sales, conversion rate set rules, farewell to manual works
Processing Procurement Warehousing Management
Standardize the purchasing process and design the warehousing process
Purchasing plan, purchase order, purchase audit, batch arrival, purchase warehousing
Warehouse Management Logic, Multi-SKU and Combination SKU
Through pairing, realize one-key allocation to reduce inventory
Support allocation, processing, quality inspection, manual outgoing and warehousing
Core strengths
Providing the function management of the whole supply chain for the sellers, so that the sellers can significantly improve their work efficiency, while maintaining business growth, they also have more time to invest in the development of the company.
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